DAP & DDP Singapore


DAP & DDP into Singapore

These are general guidelines please contact us for more details.

Silk Express Freight Pte Ltd
04-07 Cargo Agents Bldg C
Box 706 Changi Airfreight Ctr
Singapore 819466
Tel:65.6542.8081 Fax:65.6542.8089
GST (Goods Service Tax) 7% on shpr's Inv CIF value
Enquiry Requires 1) HS Code
2) Inv Value
3) Delivery address
4) Pcs/Wt & Dims
5) Any special request
Pre-Alert & Remarks 1) Must print the service you require PTP, ATA, DAP or DDP on Hawb or HB/L
2) Provide all necessary documents for smooth handling and your DN
    if shipment is on "Freight Collect"
Duty Applicable for Liquor, Fuel, Tobacco and Vehicle
Remarks 1) We do not perform e-commerce and perishable cargoes